Grammarly Keyboard Arrives To Android

How much time do you spend typing in your cellphone? Are you sending accurate messages to your friends and colleagues to get your message across?. It is easy to get carried away by bad grammar and ignore trying to type cleanly and without error, who has the time to type a 100% accurate message all the time right? With a little help from Grammarly you can be the envy of English language erudite.


Awesome phones being released in 2018

The year 2017 is coming to an end, all the technological advancements of this year are just a thing of the past now, consumers have their eyes set on 2018, on new processors, new features, better ergonomics and more.

Phones are constantly evolving and consumers are in constant need of improvements, you don’t really need you know certain feature until it is released and you wondered how you survived without it.

Must Have Free 2017 iPhone Apps

Getting an iPhone can be a pretty demanding monetary investment, more so if you decide to go with a top of the line just released iPhone. Apps can be on the expensive side too, once you combine both they can put a hole in your pocket easily.

The good thing is that there is a variety of free apps that can help you on your daily tasks or entertain you without spending an extra penny. You do have too look more carefully and pay attention to reviews, since it is easier to find a good paid app that has all the bells and whistles you expect compared to a free app.