How To Make Your Cellphone Less Slippery

One fine night I was invited to a corporate dinner, when I reached over there I saw glamour, shine, beauty and class spreader all over, with a ringtone I approached my pocket and took out my cell phone with style, but hey what’s next? Unfortunately, that night became the weirdest one for me as my cell phone slipped from my hands and fell on the ground resulting in severe damage.


5 Ways To Beautify Your Phone

You make sure that anything that you own and is close to your heart is well organized, attractive and beautiful. Right?

Especially, when you have a phone and its cover.

Because in today’s modern world, phone covers are considered to be a little bit a dash of the reflection of a man’s personality.

Well, it is obvious that if you are here then you are probably looking for some effective ideas of making your phone cover attractive and beautiful.


Importance of Utilizing Screen Protectors

When you buy an expensive phone you are super conscious about taking care of it and you can’t afford to have a single scratch on your dear phone.

The most important and sensitive part of a mobile phone is its glass screen, it bodes well to shield it from scratches, tidy, and different flotsam and jetsam. One method for doing this is using a screen defender or screen protector.